Showcase Day at Barclays Head Office

So Dolls, we have some super exciting news
to share with you!

Last week we had an amazing opportunity, Styles of Soki held a stall at Barclays head office in Coventry showcasing a range of products from bags to purses and accessories! 

Preparations started the days before ensuring all the products, displays and equipment were packed and ready for loading into the transport for the mornings travel. In the morning we were super excited and filled with adrenaline ready for the site sale ahead…

When we arrived, after unloading we spent just an hour and half setting up and preparing for the busy few hours to come. Before having set up we were already peaking interest with many leaflets already handed out!

 Then came the lunchtime rush with people commenting on the
unique Boombox bag or the super cute birdcage bag.

(The birdcage will be launching very soon on the site so keep your eyes peeled!)

We left that day a few items lighter after some great sales and big smiles on our faces from having met many, many friendly people…

-Also a big shout out to the amazing group in the lift for the support! 
(You know who you are :D) aha!

 For those of you who may have missed us, don’t worry we’re looking forward to holding the next one hopefully very soon and will be announcing the date shortly with some new products to add to the mix!

– Love Soki xo

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