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Today is the day that my latest products go live, and I absolutely can't wait to tell you all about the collection! The latest addition to Styles of Soki is a brand new range of handmade decorative cushions. I'm supporting the breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel to help them continue with the vital work that they are doing. It's a subject that is extremely close to my heart!

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My personal journey with cancer & the BRCA1 Gene

I sadly lost my mum to breast cancer when I was very young. Since then, I have gone on to find out that I also have the BRCA1 gene. This means that I am at a higher risk of potentially developing breast cancer myself. When I first heard the news, I was in shock. Not only had I lost my mum to this illness, but in my mid twenties I’d been told that I too might experience breast cancer myself. It was a lot to take in. Once I had processed the news, however, I went on a major drive to find out as much as I could about what it might mean. It became clear very quickly that breast cancer is still a subject that is not talked about enough. Amongst some communities and age groups, it is still even seen as ‘taboo’, believe it or not! For this reason, I am really passionate about raising awareness, and wanted to give something back through my business.

Giving back

I always knew that I wanted to use my love of making beautiful handmade items to create a brand that made a difference. When I started looking into how I could do this, I came across the Coppafeel charity. I love what it stands for, and its values really resonate with my personal story. Coppafeel urges people to get checked if they notice any changes in or around the breast. After approaching their team, I pledged to make a donation from my charity collection to Coppafeel. Then it was time to get making!

Decorative heart-shaped cushions

Initially, I had a period of research and serious head-scratching, but came up with a pattern for the collection of heart-shaped cushions. I have designed them in three different sizes, colours, very designs and with customisable options too. The idea is that they can help with feelings of anxiety or pain, as cancer or illness of any kind can be a tough topic to discuss. By creating an item that can be given as a gift, used as a memory cushion, or simply as a pledge of self-care, they really are for everyone. The heart shape represents love and support for anyone going through their own painful journey, whatever it may be. I chose lace as an option to symbolise the fragility of life, and highlight just how much of a difference early diagnosis can make. These cushions are really important to me and my business, and I’m delighted to say that I am proud to support Coppafeel. For each cushion sold, I will be making a donation to Coppafeel. Buy your limited edition cushion and support this awesome charity today!

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